Mrs Mooney Character Analysis

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The portrait of Dublin people and society is shown subconsciously through a series of Mrs. Mooney’s plan on forcing Mr. Doran’s marriage. The significant points that describe the characteristic of Dublin people and society are the sexual violation and unspeaking sexual story. Sexual activities or anything related to sexual activity cannot be discussed publicly. Additionally, in the eyes of Dublin people, which regard the 10th commandments and mainly are Catholic, having sex before marriage is considered to be a sin. For those who act such an unforgivable manner as a premarital sex might be criticized severely by the people. As we have seen on page 111, Mrs. Mooney believes that social opinion will be on her side. This can confirm that Dublin…show more content…
She always makes a decisive decision about everything in her life, and she usually thinks thoroughly before committing a plan. According to the story, she runs her boarding house cunningly and firmly. She also knows when she needs to give a credit or to act stern with different kinds of customer. Another act that define her character is her reaction to her daughter’s inappropriate relationship. “She dealt with the moral problems as a cleaver deals with meat,” was how she deals with the problems. We can comprehend how decisive and firm she is. She is a role model for me. Her characteristics are such a very necessary and essential for those who wish to succeed in life. If I can be a determined person like she is, my goal in life would be much easier to achieve. 3. Do you think Mr. Doran love Mooney? Why so? How does he feel when he is asked to marry Polly? = In my opinion, Mr. Doran does not love Mooney. Imagine being together happily with her, he thinks he once loved her. However, his delirium is the only reason that explain anything. In his perspective, he thinks that it is her fault as well as his. She plays an important role which cause this immoral incidence. It takes two to tango. He feels responsible. Sinful and unethical act has been done, so he acknowledges how evil his action is. He wants to compensate his bad behave, and he additionally wants to take responsibility by correcting his wrongdoing, which is

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