Argumentative Essay About Climate Change

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My original topic was how many people can Earth support, but I decided to change it because I couldn’t find a connection with technology and rhetoric and it was not a popular topic. I'm still going to stick with a scientific topic. My new topic is going to be about global warming. We have scientific data that says global warming is real and its happening right now, but somehow people still choose not to believe it. What are we supposed to believe? What’s the rhetoric behind climate change? How is social media and the media playing a role in this? What is the media reporting? Social media and the media has a great impact in changing people perspectives. Now politicians have been getting involved in this topic of climate change. We see them debating on…show more content…
Then they use their twitter to express themselves. We all know how almost all republicans do not believe in global warming. We see them in the debates, news and twitter saying how global warming is just a hoax created by the Obama administration. What is the truth? What is the political rhetoric around climate change? Research Global warming is real and there is scientific data out to prove my point. There are many studies that prove climate has changed. Climate change is a natural process on earth, but studies have proven that humans have dramatically accelerated that process. Sea levels have risen, days are getting warmer, we have more intense hurricanes and we are losing species due to this drastic changes. Yes, we have all this information, but somehow people still think its fake why? The majority of the US citizens believe global warming is a natural process and human kind has nothing to do with it. We all have idols that we love and follow no matter what. We are now in the presidential elections and global warming it’s a hot topic. In this case, candidates who do not believe in global warming play a big role on what others believe. For example, if my favorite candidate tweeted “global warming

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