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Q1. Why software reuse is important? Discuss its benefits and factors that help achieve good levels of reuse. What factors may hinder reuse? Answer: “Software reuse is the logical practice of developing software from a stock of building blocks, So that resemblances in necessities and/or architecture between applications can be subjugated to achieve complete benefits in productivity, worth and business performance. by the time Software engineering has been more attentive on original progress but it is now familiar as Reusability Factory. Advantages/Benefits: • Portability: to moderate the effort needed to funding applications crossways assorted OS platforms, programming languages, and compilers. • Flexibility: to wherewithal a growing series…show more content…
• -To attain enhanced software, more rapidly and at lesser cost, we need to assume a design process that is built on methodical software reuse. • -Reduce budget, time, effort, and hazard. • -Increase production, quality, presentation, and interoperability. People occasionally confused with porting – reuse is spending an asset in different systems – porting is affecting a system across environments and platforms The concept of orderly software reuse is simple: “By building systems out of carefully intended, pre-tested mechanisms, one will Save the cost of designing, writing and testing new code, new system and new work area. The practice of reuse has not proven to be this simple however, and there are numerous delusions about how to implement and gain benefit from software reuse.” Software reuse - Industry issues: On the non-technical side, while highest administrators and government agencies might see the profits of code reuse, there is a absence of goal similarity with industrial groups and subcontractors. Many times these groups have psychosomatic barriers to reprocessing code. They might wrongly think that code reuse will root their talents to no longer be essential. However, by reusing their bequest code quickly and efficiently with COTS code reuse solutions, they are able to subsidize their aptitudes to new projects and Product Development, rather than being bogged…show more content…
• Time consuming planning: Planning Fulfilling a long-term plan to retain, manage, and origin reusable assets. • Problem understanding: promote and deliver drill to the new technology, and gears within the organization. • Culture Issues: Change the organization culture to identify, and boost through spurs and training the new methods of software reuse within the organization. • Verification: Conventions about origin or validation/verification of properties could rise risks, especially in critical systems. • Modification Technique: Modifications necessary to integrate the asset into its new context could be more expensive than building from scratch. • Find prior Components: It is often hard to develop reusable components and the motivation for information systems developers to build such components is often poor. Solution: A prearranged, focused approach to reuse will help producers and adopters attain the benefits of reuse while limiting its costs and managing its

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