Importance Of Taxation Essay

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Individual written defense A tax is an important financial source for the country. It plays an important role in case of economical crisis. It is a compulsory amount of money that collected from individual and business based on their income and returns, to attain government goals such as building parks, hospitals , supporting and funding some services such as military, education and other public utility. It contributes in achieving of social justice by re-distribution of income and in economic stability by reducing the taxes in case of recession. In taxation course I have learned many things. Firstly, I realized the importance of taxes in enhancing the situation of poor people and standard of living to them and helping the government in developing infrastructure or other essential projects. Secondly, there are many types of taxes such as income taxes, wealth taxes, consumption taxes, tariffs and duties taxes. There is…show more content…
For example, a sole proprietorship is owned by one person and it is taxed on the profit of the businesses and if I lose they can take my money or other things. However, a partnership is owned by more than two persons, it is flow through entity which means the money goes throw cooperation to person account. Additionally, in limited liability companies if I lose they can’t take my properties. In corporation, employees receive take free freight benefits as a kind of motivation to employees. Moreover, S Corporation is a small business that cannot be global. This project helped me to calculating the taxes associated with each entity and analyzing the best model to be chosen between two entities. We have helped each other in this project to analyze and calculate the taxes which give us a general idea about the taxes course. This project covers everything I have taken it during this course. It is one of crucial projects because I will know how to calculate taxes in future as

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