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YOGA AND MEMORY Yoga and Memory are closely interconnected. In fact there are a number of facets of the mind that modern science has not been able to explore. According to Yoga, the human mind consists of four facets. They are called Manas, Buddhi, Chitta and Ahankara. Mana is often referred to as the mind. This is the grossest state of mind when randomness gets channelized; human energies begin to be useful. Buddhi or intellect is responsible for sorting out data by way of thoughts, analyzing them and putting them into different folders. Just like a postman sorts out letters and puts them in their destination cells, our intellect is supposed to sort out thoughts, and connect all those that are related to a particular subject. All thoughts unconnected are got rid of. Only thoughts connected to a subject are retained and kept to explain a subject. This is often referred to as concentration. Everybody knows the importance and use of concentration to succeed in any endeavor. The third facet of the mind is memory. In Sanskrit it is called Smriti. After information has been sorted out but by the Buddhi, whatever has to be stored is transmitted to the memory bank. Not all information…show more content…
In super consciousness comes the process of what is called Sanyama by which one is able to unravel that knowledge which is hidden deep within the subtler layers of one's memory. Yoga therapy techniques include various ways of meditating. Some of these are Transcendental meditation, Om Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Trataka. All these help in Dharana and Dhyana that lead up to Samadhi. Yoga therapy has also come up with a set of games and songs that help enhance the memory at these levels. Breathing exercises (pranayama) are also widely used to cultivate a better memory. Some of them include, Kapalabhati, sectional breathing and other sorts of breathing exercises that help improve

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