Argumentative Essay On Female Incarceration

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Female incarceration is a current commodity in the United States’ judicial system. Incarceration implies that one has been detained, accused, processed, and found guilty of a crime punishable by sanctions of the United States government. These imprisoned people are then stripped of their rights and caged like animals, for an amount of time dictated by the United States government, in order to gain back their freedom. This dehumanizing process becomes worse when the gender of the offender is female due to a lack of rights for women, especially while in prison. A lack of rights is present because female incarceration is a fairly new concept with little awareness. The Emmy award winning television show Orange is the New Black has recently brought public attention to the situations that incarcerated females experience in the United States justice system since it aired in 2013. The television show accurately depicts many issues of female prisons including putrid conditions, inmate on inmate violence, denial of healthcare, along with the ever so present threat of police brutality.…show more content…
What is causing this influx in female incarcerations, and are the conditions of female prisons suitable in the United States? Even though there have been several women’s rights movements as well as prison reforms, women’s prison conditions are considerably inhumane and unacceptable. This increase in the rate of female incarceration is due to social, political, and legal implications. Therefore, one should evaluate the conditions incarcerated women face including healthcare, rehabilitation, and day-to-day life, and what systematic presences attribute to this

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