Vermilion Parish Emergency Operation Plan Analysis

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The retrieval of the Vermilion Parish Emergency Operation Plan seemed to be easier to attain than previously expected. After a brief explanation of who I was, career path, and course assignment, I was almost immediately offered the full 866-page version of the Emergency Plan with all Annexes and Appendices, which I graciously declined. The overall basic plan was sufficient. The basic plan is outlined into nine key areas with a tenth listed for definitions. Some of the key functions of this plan are listed as the purpose and scope, situations and assumptions, concept of operations, organization and assignment of responsibilities, direction and control, continuity of government, administration and logistics, plan development and maintenance, authorities and references.…show more content…
Surprisingly, the smallest description provided is during the response phase. However, this makes sense since emergency response crews will conduct their normal daily assigned duties. “Response activities help to reduce casualties and damage and speed recovery. These include warning, evacuation, rescue, and other similar operations addressed in this plan. During the response phase, emergency services are provided” (Basic Plan, 2015, p. 5). Notably, both the text as well as the Emergency Operation plan stresses the importance of the recovery phase. “Recovery begins when the emergency has been stabilized so there is no longer a threat to life and property” (Lindell, et al., 2007, p. 345). The plan is also broken down into to phases, short and long-term recovery activities. Also, the Chief Executive is the one to issue and negate emergency authorities and

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