Kitchener's Critical Evaluation Model

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Kitchener’s Critical Evaluation Model In order to make the most ethical decision regarding this dilemma, specifically since it was an issue that was unforeseen, I will utilize parts of the Critical Evaluation Model for Ethical Decision making. Since I am new to counseling, I feel it is very necessary to use an old tried and true method. This model is based on the principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficience, and justice or fairness. It is simple to follow and has multiple recommendations referring to professional standards, ethical codes, and laws and regulations. It also lists step-by-step instructions that are solution based so it easy to follow. Kitchener’s Critical-Evaluative Model also emphasizes that communication and guidance…show more content…
Forrester-Miller and Davis (2015) state,“The five principles of autonomy, justice, beneficence, nonmaleficience and fidelity are absolute truths in and of themselves.” By exploring my issues with Mary and Chris in regards to these principles, I can come to a better understanding of the conflicting issue revolving around this dilemma. Taking the entire situation into account, I can begin to write down my model, as well as the questions and answers revolving around…show more content…
If I decide to continue to date Chris, Mary may digress and also lose her confidences in me. Of course, this could happen even when I stop seeing Chris, as she will feel she was responsible for our breakup. Mary also has severe trust issues, and it has been very difficult getting her to finally open up to me, and it may be something she will be unable to do with someone else. Chris, on the other hand, may see my relationship with his sister as intrusive and too close, or he may feel I know “too much” about his family and choose to break up with me. Both of them may feel like I have betrayed them in some way as I have been seeing both of them for an extended amount of time and never made the connection of their familial bond. Since there are several potential issues involved, next I should review my ethical guidelines consulting my CRCC code of

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