The Importance Of Literature In Literature

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Literature – in a restricted sense – is a body of w ritten work possessing artistic merits; but beyond this rudimentary definition, lit erature is also a significant marker of the cultural health of a society. Different peri ods and movements of a society get represented through its literature in various modes from realistic to fantastic; and, conversely, literature too holds the potential to b ring about remarkable changes and developments in the society by influencing the clim ate of thought of the people. Thus, the function of any literature is to represent the society in the best possible manner and, in the broader sense, embody life. Any literature has certain constant as well as time specific themes. Themes like childhood, innocence, love, death, travel, etc . are…show more content…
This most ancient of human predilections finds witness in literature with the concept of travel becoming a leitmotif in it. This research began with the hypothesis that the ge nres like travelogue and fiction written on the rivers reveal a picture of t he society and culture on the river banks. Travelogue would help to capture the glimpse of culture with subjective/creative perspective available to a crea tive writer who is aware of the narratives about a particular society, whereas a wr iter of fiction tries to narrate the world in a very imaginative as well as innovative w ay. That is why to assess travel 2 documents is a good idea to expand the horizon of o ne’s knowledge beyond the conventional canon in literature where a researcher has the only option of merely being a follower of traditional literary discourse. So, the aim of this research then would be to dive deep into the development of travelogue as a genre as it has a vital literary history in both English and Gujarati languages. The effort would also be to arrive at a clear conceptual understanding
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