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Most of the time, medications are given to treat illness or relieve symptoms. They reduce aches and pains, fight infections, and control problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes. On the other hand, they can also cause unwanted reactions. Drug allergy is one type of unpredictable adverse drug reactions (ADR) that encompasses a spectrum of immunologically mediated hypersensitivity reactions with varying mechanisms and clinical presentations. Clinical manifestations of allergic reactions range from urticaria and rash to bronchoconstriction, laryngeal edema, hematologic disorders, and other serious reactions. If it is not treated right away, it can lead to unconsciousness or even death. All cases of suspected hypersensitivity reactions…show more content…
When available, alternative medications with unrelated chemical structures should be substituted. Additional therapy for drug hypersensitivity reactions is largely supportive and symptomatic. Treatment may include: o Antihistamines: to relieve mild symptoms such as rash, hives, and itching. o Bronchodilators: such as albuterol to reduce asthma-like symptoms (moderate wheezing or cough). o Corticosteroids: applied to the skin, given by mouth, or given intravenously. o Epinephrine: by IM injection to treat anaphylaxis. • Specific Treatment: o Drug Desensitization: in which the drug to which the patient is allergic is administered to the patient in small, incremental doses to induce a state of temporary tolerance to the drug. This should only be attempted if the offending drug is essential and no alternatives are available. Nursing Management: The common problems in patients with drug allergy include: • Pruritus (itching of the skin): o Provide distraction techniques such as music, television, or massage. o Apply cool, moist compresses to pruritic areas. o Apply emollient creams or ointments frequently to prevent

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