Importance Of Kidneys

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Kidneys are among the most important organs in our body. Besides detoxifying the blood, they also help the body to filter out the wastes through urine. They also eliminate excess water from the body, or retain it when needed. Kidneys also regulate the levels of minerals such as phosphate and calcium in the body. Furthermore, kidneys produce hormones that are essential for regulating blood pressure, in addition to producing red blood cells that facilitate supply of oxygen and nutrients across the body. Given the important functions of kidneys in our body, it is imperative that we uphold their health to keep them functioning efficiently. Some of the common symptoms of Kidney complications include: Dizziness Vomiting Change in quantity and color…show more content…
5. HIGH PROTEIN DIET Kidneys are also tasked with metabolizing and eliminating nitrogenous wastes from the body. These wastes are by-products of the protein digestion. Hence, excessive consumption of protein elevates the glomerular pressure and hyper filtration, thereby increasing the metabolic load of your kidneys, which in turn raises the risk of developing kidney issues. Thus, you’re advised to limit your consumption of red meat, and if you’re already struggling with some kidney problem, you should stop consumption of red meat immediately as it can worsen the problem. 6. DRINKING TOO MUCH ALCOHOL Being a toxin that causes too much stress on the liver and kidneys, excessive alcohol intake can lead to severe kidney damage. As such, you should always drink it in moderation. Drinking too much alcohol will result in uric acid being stored in the renal tubules, thereby causing tubular obstruction, which elevates the risk of developing kidney failure. Alcohol also causes dehydration and impedes the normal functioning of the…show more content…
CONSUMING TOO MUCH CAFFEINE Excessive consumption of caffeine increases blood pressure, thereby burdening the function of kidneys, which can cause kidney damage over time. You’re therefore advised to consume caffeine in moderate amounts; 1-2 cups of coffee per day is perfectly fine. You should also limit your intake of energy drinks, soft drinks, chocolate, and cocoa, as they also contain caffeine. 9. IGNORING COMMON INFECTIONS Ignoring common infections such as coughs, colds, tonsillitis, flu, and pharyngitis, can cause serious kidney damage. Often, those with kidney complications have reported to have had no rest during their sickness, and these are usually weather sensitive individuals who often get ill. Therefore, you need to treat your infections on time, lest the bacteria or viruses cause kidney damage. 10. LACK OF SLEEP A 6-8 hour sleep is essential to uphold your overall health, as organ tissues renew while you’re sleeping. Therefore, lack of adequate sleep will interrupt this process, which will result in damage of many organs, including your

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