The Pros And Cons Of Gmos

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G.M.O’S Genetically Modified Organism (G.M.O) are one of the most dangerous things you may be consuming without even knowing. GMOs can significantly make food cheaper, but it isn't worth risking that to catch a terminal disease. GMOs have increased the production of food and decreased the price of them also. GMOs have increased the food production rate because of the shelf life and the growth rate is through the roof, it has increased by 15 percent according to Ag Professionals (Source 1). GMOs have decreased the price of food because without them normal food would be 10 percent higher which would lead more people not being able to afford food and would make the government struggle in providing the people with help such as food stamps. With all good things comes a bad side. GMOs are known for coming with lots of risk there are even risks that we don't even know can happen yet. GMOs have only tested for a short amount of time of 90 days with mice and there has been reported cases of people getting horrible diseases such as autism or cancer. According to the GLP (Source 2) that states that one out of one hundred and fifty eight year olds has autism spectrum disease due to GMOs.…show more content…
People who have reported to be allergic to meat were able to eat bison meat, This is shown in the case of Mr. Ellis daughter she is allergic to all meat except bison meat. Genetically modified meat contains growth hormones and supplements of that nature that can be harmful to humans as where the bison is pure. The growth hormone was tested on salmon and the salmon grew two times larger than regular salmon. Normal non genetically modified food contain more nutritional values to help people with deficiencies such as iron deficiencies according to HealthLine-Nutrition(Source
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