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Business needs Adoption is a decision to have an innovation and to make a full use of it in the best course of action (Rogers, 1983). The adoption of Information technology consists of hardware and softeware as well as telecommunication devices. It also includes a system applications and updates which help them to create information and then process it to make it useful and productive after number of processes and analyze the information after distribution process. Feedback is also the most important element of information technology (Brady et al.,2002). Customers always want to have better internet banking facilities which are user friendly as well as enjoyable to them. Convenience is one of the main factors while using internet banking Chan (2001). Johnson et al (1995) also agrees with it that convenience is among one of them. Devlin…show more content…
Why should customer accept the adoption of internet banking is the most critical part of study? In the study of Ernst and Young (1998) banking sector is not sure about the reaction of customers related to adoption of internet banking. One of the evidence about this research done in Malaysia showed that only 3% of Malaysians are engaged in online transactions. Moreover, Mols et al. (1999) study concluded that diffusion of internet banking is more concerned towards the willingness of customers rather on the seller offerings. So customer have the power to decide that whether he would like to go for internet banking adoption or not. Davidson (1998) reveals that demand of internet banking is not very often from customer side. A few customers demand for internet banking. Moreover, it is also concluded that that electronic baking dependents on the acceptance of customs. Customer’s interaction with the banking staff, technological aspects and more importantly computer literacy also plays a dominant factor for adoption of internet banking (Mols et al.,

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