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A hypotonic solution is one that has a high water potential when contrasted with the other solution though a hypertonic solution is one that has a lower water potential when contrasted with the other solution. Isotonic solutions have the same water potential. Water spilled out of the water in the container into the gummy bear. Water in the receptacle was hypotonic to the gummy bear (which was hypertonic to the water in the measuring utensil). To suit this inflow of water, the Bear expanded in mass. Gummy bears start their lives as a warm fluid arrangement of sugars, flavors, gelatin and water. As this arrangement cools and water is drawn out from the arrangement, they solidify into their popular chewy surface. Amid the drying procedure the gelatin interweaves into a…show more content…
The mass of the sugar/salt in a set volume of water (g) The mass of the Na roughly in 50cm3 of water (1g, 2g, 3g, 4g,) Concentration saline solution Dependent variables – The variable, the data that is collected (measured) E.g. the percentage change of mass (%) The change in mass of a gummy bear (base 2.20g) Control variables When you put the gummy bear in the water, the gummy bear had a higher salt focus than the water so water streamed into the gummy bear, and when you place it in the salt water it had a low salt fixation contrasted with the salt water, so water streamed out of the gummy bear (making it shrink) into the hypertonic arrangement. Along these lines water streams from a low salt focus to a high salt fixation. Dependent variables In a solution for 24 hours Variable that needs controlling How are you going to control it Possible the effect if you don’t control it Volume of water (cm3) Keep the volume the same for each test measure it using a measuring cylinder Less water solution would be more concentration meaning a lower % concentration more Concentration of water Mass of the gummy

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