Importance Of Interdisciplinary Approach

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Breakthrough innovation occurs when we bring down boundaries and encourage disciplines to learn from each other” ― Gyan Nagpal Interdisciplinary approach entails the use of methods and analytical frameworks from more than one academic discipline to examine a theme, issue, question or topic. Academic disciplines are different branches of an area of knowledge. Confusion is a broad aspect which includes symptoms, feelings or situations which creates uncertainty and leaves a person bewildered. It is important to correctly define knowledge in order to clearly understand confusion. “Knowledge is justified, true and believed by people.” People believe in knowledge only when it is justified and absolutely true. Hence, if the knowledge produced is not…show more content…
Methodologies from knowledge framework produce knowledge while the scope/application provide distinction of each AOK. Hence, it becomes necessary for the knowledge produced in an interdisciplinary approach to not have contrasting scope/application. Concepts play a humongous role in theorizing and characterizing the knowledge that will be produced. If the scope/application and concepts are complementary in nature, the knowledge produced is not confusing. Biomimicry is an academic discipline which interprets various features of living organisms and develops models and systems in order to solve complex human problems. Physics is a branch of natural sciences with a primary goal of studying matter and its motion and behaviour through space and time. As both the disciplines are intrinsic part of natural sciences, they are grounded in reason, imagination and sense perception for the production of knowledge. For example, imagination is an intrinsic part of human being, developing their creativity and help in creating hypothesis. This hypothesis is then justified by scientists using reason and sense perception. Applications of biomimicry has given rise to new technologies inspired by organisms in macro and nanoscale. Recently, Resilient Technologies, A Wisconsin Based Company, has created tyre that cannot go flat. The basis for the tyre design is a six sided cells that are arranged in a matrix similar to the shape of a honeycomb. As the tyre does not use a pressurized air cavity, heating generation due to friction is reduced along with the noise generation as the tyre has no flat spots. Development of tyres is concerned with physics behind the design of a tyre. Hence, the knowledge produced in interdisciplinary in nature. The scope of biomimicry is specific to physics and deals with various scientific phenomena’s distinct to physics and

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