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Steven Soderbergh is a fantastic filmmaker who went to great heights to produce and make Che part1. The film is about Ernesto “Che” Guevara. The many legends and myths that surround Ernesto’s life and death are what make the film bold. Che part 1 is a success since it focuses on one particular style of storytelling. It is faithful is portraying the life of Ernesto rather than trying to tell it. The film eschews Hollywood’s tradition of making biopics on famous individuals. In his film, Part 1, Steven Soderbergh through various characters and experiences depicts Che as the critical element in the success of the Cuban revolution. Che is a description of the 82 man guerilla force that first arrived in Cuba in 1956. They used a historic leaky boat from Mexico. In the beginning, Che was a medic, after undergoing training in Buenos Aires as a doctor. This beginning part of his…show more content…
He takes his audience through a smooth transition of a boy from being a medic to steering the greatest revolution recorded in history. Through various characters such as Fidel Castro and his brother, Che gets an introduction to the class of power. Cuba through the revolution uprooted a dictator, Fulgencio Batista, who was prosecuted little did they know his successor would also be a dictator. Fidel Castro took over power after the revolution but became indifferent to his predecessor. Despite taking criticism on the film being plain regarding styles such as superstition, Steven is a proud filmmaker bringing to light the hardship underwent by the guerilla force to ensure people in Cuba are currently living in peace. Through the film, Steven makes the audience like Che since he is portrayed as a hero. Filmmakers and producers should emulate Steven’s style in documentation and portray only the truth. Not only did he provide good entertainment but he aided in spreading the history of Cuba all over the

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