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Unit 4 (F/601/0556) : 15 Credits - Marketing Principles Qualification:Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in business Assignment title :Developing Sustainability for Future Growth Student name : Chiu Chun Kit Assessor name : Pritam Bhavnani Date issued: Completiondate : Submitted on: Introduction In this first report, I will explain how Bibson will continue to develop more products that will compete with other brands and allow customers to continue to enjoy our high-quality products. This behavior will help our company compete with other companies for a long time to gain a competitive advantage. In addition to explain our company in the distribution of products at the time Hou can be…show more content…
First of all, Bibson will be in different public occasions, to find some well-known guitarist to our guitar to perform, can make more people know our guitar, and by the celebrities to use our guitar, Will make people feel more credible. In addition, we will be some large-scale festivals, discounts held some discounts, such as the purchase of two can enjoy a 10% discount, this can make people think that the product is worth buying, from the customer's psychology can increase our sales. Promotional prizes formula, Customers may always want to try their luck, so the "lottery" is an extremely effective promotional activities. Because there will be a lot of raffle prizes, such as capo, tuner and other such awards are easily aroused consumer interest in participating, may in the short term promotional produce clear results. Normally, eligibility to participate in the sweepstakes must have a certain kind of regulations, such as the purchase of a specific product, to buy a certain quantity of goods, in-store consumption reached a fixed amount, or to answer a particular question correct…show more content…
We will design, design some guitar is in line with children to use, for example, the figure will be relatively small, the other is the appearance we will use a lot of cartoon elements, so that children will like our design and then to try this one instrument . In addition, we will provide some teaching videos for the children when they buy the guitar, so that the children can learn to improve their interest in guitar, so that we can increase the children's market. The children's market in other brands is very neglected, because other brands that children's interest in musical instruments is not too big, so they are not to open a market for

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