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The Punk Singer by Sini Anderson and Dogtown and Z-Boys by Stacy Peralta are two documentary films that represent not only an era but also the growth of two subcultures. In the case of Kathleen Hanna she was a forerunner in the female punk rock artist and feminism itself. The Zephyr surf and skate team changed skateboarding forever, doing what nobody had ever seen before. The Z-Boys, a group of young teenagers, coming mostly from broken homes in southern California. Throughout these films the two filmmakers rarely critique the subjects. In these films the use of stills and voiceover played a crucial role in representing the lives of the icons on screen. Female presence and independence plays into both of the films as well particularly in The…show more content…
It also is in place to show Hannas discography; showing us how her music changed as she matured from Bikini Kills to her work with her newest project the Julie Ruin. In Dogtown and Z-Boys the use of music is more to express the rebellion that this group represented. It has a varied soundtrack, revolving around the era in which these members came from, the 1970s. It includes everything from Ted Nugent to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass (a Hispanic influenced instrumental brass band). As a viewer this helps to situate us in the time period. In one particular scene Old Man a song by Neil Young is used to demonstrate the lives of the Z-Boys and how they have grown up, creating an emotional moment using a montage of stills. Its lyrics discuss reflection on ones life and what it means to be who you are, for these members it was them becoming icons in a sport. In both films the music is situated in such a way as to evoke an emotion connection or response from the audience, adding to the images that correspond on

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