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Don’t you just feel like winter gets the best of you? Sure, it is a romantic time when you can cover yourself with a blanket and have a hot cup of tea while watching your favorite Netflix show. You could even play with snow if you feel more energetic. Whether you love winter or not, winter hacks are the only way to make it through those months of cold temperatures. Don’t forget that the winter season always opens new challenges, but this doesn't mean you cannot beat them! Being comfortable is essential when it comes to your psychology and high temperatures really can even cheer a depressed person up. We've got you covered, guys! 10+3 Winter Hacks to Help You Stay Toasty and Sane Disclaimer: Don’t believe that keeping yourself comfortable, even during the coldest winter storms, will cost you a lot of money! We have found super cheap ideas for these winter hacks –actually, some of them are free but all of them are tested and 100% effective.…show more content…
Hack #1: Open The Curtains The sun is always free of charge. In fact, people in many countries of Northern Europe do not even have curtains so they do not forget to welcome the sun in their homes and their lives. Utilize natural energy and keep warm. Utilize natural energy and keep warm. Hack #2: Your Ceiling Fan Matters We are sure that many of you believe that the ceiling fan should be used only when it’s hot outside. The truth is that if you run it slow and have it spin clockwise, you will help it push the warm air from your ceiling back down to you. Just a couple of minutes will definitely warm up your room. Hack #3: Close Unused Rooms Ok, guys. This is both important and a common mistake many of us make. When you want to heat up a room, all you have to do is close the doors and the windows to contain the heat in the area you want. Also, don’t forget that bathrooms are usually the coldest rooms of the house so you may want to shut this door! Hack #4: Waterproof Your

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