Examples Of Ethical Issues In Darwin's Nightmare

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1.0 Introduction Organisational Ethics in recent times has garnered an increasing amount of societal focus. This is due to the raising awareness of people of such pressing issues including environmental sustainability and also unfair labour practices. The way the western world regulates food and agricultural systems falls into this domain, where global public policy, social issues and moral philosophy raise important questions. In this context the documentary film Darwin’s Nightmare (2004) about the fishing industry at Lake Victoria in Tanzania is a prime example to illustrate such ethical issues, stakeholders involved and their positions and views regarding such situations. The documentary is structured to encompass multiple interviews with…show more content…
The first ethical issue concerning the exploitation of the Tanzanian society including its resources, is in our opinion also the most significant as it proves to be a recurring cause of inequality and conflict currently and also in the foreseeable future. By the definition provided above, it is clear that there is no simple solution possible to resolve these issues. The best action in order to resolve such a dilemma is to firstly become aware, understand and then evaluate the importance of these ethical issues. Only then can we propose a well-informed and consideration…show more content…
et al. (2006). In this actual incident in place the global players, huge enterprises and fish manufacturers can be called the agency as they regulate the fish export. They are obviously for profit organizations and this implies they want to keep the costs as low as possible to achieve maximize profits. The consequences for the consumers are dependent on where they live: either they get the “better” fish or only the remains that in turn also provide work opportunities. Now we will analyse the scenario from the perspective of normative ethics starting with deontological theories. The deontological theories state action-centered rules implying they provide guidance of actions being moral or immoral. “In a deontological system rules, duties and obligations are determined by God” (Cline, A. (n.d.)). To relate to Darwin’s nightmare, the rules and obligations being broken are not that of governmental policy but rather that of God. If in this biblical sense, God loves all of his children equally, we can argue that the fishing industry in Tanzania is immoral due to their lack of regard to the local community and

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