Importance Of Examination-Oriented Education

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The examination-oriented education is defined as to deal with exam-based education model, students on the usefulness of the examination results. To Chinese students, the target of learning focuses merely on passing examinations. This process starts early; indeed, Chinese formal education highlights testing beginning at age two, starting with the institution of the “three-point life” of home-school-home. (Nicholas Kristofk, 2011). Today school examinations have become like a race where we place our bet on the horses, our children. Parents go all out spending critical time; money and energy to assure their children win the race with flying colors. Although there are still some people who believe that the schools should practice exam-oriented education, but I strongly against that belief, as for me that we must realize these top scorers are just a small percentage of the total student population. However much schools motivate and persuade their…show more content…
It had bring many burden for students. This exam according to Dr Mohd Farid (2013), the exam-oriented system is that it destroys the pupils’ passion for knowledge since they are forced to learn something that hardly leaves space to their own creativity and innovation. Apart from that, the student need spend more time to study. Students need to focus and concentrate on their studies to take the exam and their time just to study only. As a result, the students will feel stress and tension with this situation because they should to study for more subject in one time. Besides, this situation also can make the students do not active in the curriculum because they need spend more time to study and understanding the subject for examination. The students take much time to understanding the hard subject make them do not have time to enjoy themselves with the other people in

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