Speed Of Sound Equation Theory

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ABSTRACT Development studies on sound propagation from time to time had been revised, there is a lot of equation had been established to prove the speed of sound in the water that effected by temperature, salinity and pressure. Purpose of this paper is to find several equations had been develop in order to compare and contrast between sound propagation equations theories. Equation theory had been highlighted in this paper are by Del Grosso and Mackenzie and influence by these three elements which are of temperature, salinity and pressure. INTRODUCTION The study of underwater sound propagation had been human interest since the early of the 15’s. One of the famous discovered by Leonardo da Vinci in early 15’s is sound travels in waves. Leonardo also mention that "If you cause your ship to stop and place the head of a long tube in the water and place the outer extremity to your ear, you will hear ships at a great distance from you.". The development of sound propagation from time to time as follow: 1. Leonardo DaVinci in 1490 discovered that sound travels in waves. 2. Marin Mersenne in1640 first measured the speed of sound in air. 3. Robert Boyle in1660 discovered that sound waves must travel in a medium 4. Sir Isaac Newton in late 1660's formulated a…show more content…
The equation for both stated as follows: 1. Del Grosso's equation Del Grosso equation is the UNESCO algorithm, these equations have restricted range of validity in term of temperature, salinity and depth and this equation usage is according to this limitation. The Del Grosso equation 1974 had been redefine reformulated this equation for the new 1990 International Temperature Scale and their version is: c(S,T,P) = C000 + CT + CS + CP + deltaCSTP CT(T) = CT1T + CT2T2 + CT3T3 deltaCS(S) = CS1S + CS2S2 deltaCP(P) = CP1P + CP2P2 +

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