Internal Auditing Case Study

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1.1 Introduction: he most topics that occupied the accounting thought in the recent period is the issue of fraudulent financial reporting, and the most issues that are relevant to fraudulent financial reporting, which got the attention of many researchers is the issue of earnings management. Where a lot of research has focused on the study of practices by management to manipulate in the numbers of earnings and how to detect it. Recently many researchers take the role of internal audit to reduce the practices of earnings management and ensure the quality of earnings number that prepared in accordance with the accrual basis. Some recent studies indicated that there is reason to believe that a good level of performance internal audit can lead…show more content…
Yet little research attention has focused on the effects of internal auditing on companies’ external financial reporting. Using a unique and previously unavailable data set, this study examines the role of internal auditors in improving the quality of financial reporting—specifically examining whether high quality internal audit functions (IAFs) are associated with lower levels of earnings management. According to a model of corporate governance put forth by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), the IAF is one of four cornerstones of effective corporate governance, along with the audit committee of the board of directors, executive management, and the external auditor Though little rigorous evidence exists, there is good reason to believe that internal auditing may play an important role in external financial reporting. For example, previous research has shown that management’s forecasts are more biased when it is relatively difficult to detect misrepresentation ,and management’s communications are more likely to be biased when they are not verified by a third party…show more content…
We examine the relation between IAF quality and earnings management by combining publicly available data with a unique and previously unavailable data set from the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). In this research the researchers provide an analysis of the quality of internal audit activities and its role in reducing earnings management practices by applying this to some of Palestinian companies. High quality internal auditors might play an incremental role in that they can be seen as an additional third party that monitors management’s actions on a year-round basis; thus, we posit that as a company’s IAF improves in quality, it is more likely to serve as a credible detection and deterrent mechanism that might serve to moderate earnings management choices. 1.2 Statement of the problem: The research problem in this study represent by the relationship between the quality of internal audit activities and practices of earnings management in the Palestinian companies in an attempt to identify the extent of existence the relationship and what is the shape and the most factors that will affect to

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