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Race has become a controversial topic today but many directors are trying to break the barrier that holds back the community from discussing the inequality and unfair treatment that all races experience. Jordan Peele, the director of “Get Out” took advantage of his skills but also activism on equality of all races and created a thriller/horror film in order to exaggerate the horror behind racial inequality. Peele also takes advantage of the color schemes that the characters wear throughout the movie, in order to represent America and how we are supposed to be seen as united but also the lightning in the film. Additionally, the dialogue between the characters that creates an awkward atmosphere, which symbolizes how people are today when it…show more content…
The audience for this film would mostly be millennials because Peele has made a name for himself through comedy but also many millenials are open to different and odd movies. The movie Get Out is about a young African American who goes to meet his white girlfriend’s parents for the weekend but before he knows it, the weekend becomes a nightmare that no one expected. As you watch the film you may notice that the character’s clothing correlate with each other, in a way that it represents the American flag. As seen at Rose’s family party the girlfriend is wearing a red and white striped shirt, while her boyfriend is wearing a jean button up. When the two come together they create the American Flag. Which can be depicted as an ironic scene from earlier in the movie when the two were experiencing small amounts of racism. This small hint is the director’s way of addressing a political issue, in this case it is racism in the United States. The blue button up that Chris wears represents the blue portion of the flag and Rose is the red and white stripes of the flag, when they come together they symbolize equality across the…show more content…
The audience recognizes the discrimination that the character, Chris experiences when he is meeting the parents, but also the family’s friends at the party. The dialogue between Chris and his best friend are more on a casual note, while Chris and Rose’s parents are more awkward and can be seen as a superior talking to someone who is inferior to them. The director clearly distinguishes the status of Chris when relating to the people he is around, but for the duration of the movie Chris is uncomfortable and feels as though he is an outsider. Peele later explains that "there’s consistently been racism. Black people have been feeling it for centuries" (USA Today). He states that the community of African Americans have been discriminated against but the general population has decided to ignore the issue that is presented. On the other hand though there are reviews of the movie that firmly believe that Peele should have approached the issue of racism differently, instead of turning it into a horror, thriller film in order to exaggerate discrimination in America. Some believe that Peele should have chosen whether he wanted to make it serious or if he should have just been a horror movie. Armond White, a movie reviewer, voices his opinion on the the film, “Get Out is an attenuated comedy sketch in which serious concerns are debased” (National Review). He believed that Peele

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