Reflection Paper On Philosophy Of Man

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Reflective Analysis on Philosophy of Man: The Phenomenological Method By: Mary Carmelle B. Sabeniano STEM 11-3 Venturing into a deeper meaning of Philosophy rather than a really hard course subject of Senior High School, this part of the book explained how the study of existence emerge into something inconceivable coming from a firm belief of science from late 1800s to early 1900s. It started with mathematician turned philosopher, Edmund Husserl, who was dissatisfied by the progress of science by that time. He turned into philosophy attempting to turn it as a “presupposition-less science” by going “back to things themselves.” He was followed by many others who believed in his philosophy. Phenomenology was describe as many things but briefly, it is the study of consciousness from first person point of view and on the method is actually turning something you experience into just a phenomenon. Reading it, I found myself very fond of the author’s way of explanation and got interested in actually attempting to learn from it and apply what I’ve learned to real life scenarios.…show more content…
Although some parts, as I’ve said, provided a clear explanation, terms used in the previous paragraphs were sometimes hard to remember. Nevertheless, I felt a refreshing view of life after reading it. I agree completely that science was turning man into an aspect of body and a subject to the limitations of time and space, and that part of philosophy must extend to a subjective view of the essence of life. Even in this paper, I used first person to emphasize what I learned. Having the time to read this, I found myself comfortable and renewed at first and as I reflect on it once in a while, I was getting more confused and tried questioning what I just read and the way it affects me as a
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