Workforce Segmentation Analysis

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Workforce segmentation is the separation of various components of an organization into smaller groups which share common necessities. These groups of employees tend to have different drivers and characteristics such as optimum team performance, low income, high income, unique skills or expertise. Skills-based segmentation is widely accepted approach for the 21st century workplace (Business, n.d.). Lowe’s has over 290,000 employees worldwide ranging from laborers, first-line supervisors, mid-level management, the executives. These different levels of employees each have their own motivation and preference of working environments. For example, first line supervisor might be motivated by the tuition reimbursement which could…show more content…
They have a consistent desire to be innovative in their pursuit of growth both through the industry and their employees. They stand by a core set of principals which are providing superior customer service; socially responsible; and provide for the development of their employees. Lowe’s must constantly look for ways to maintain everyday low prices in a market where competitors are trying to gain an edge. Lowe’s consistently avoid using a “middle man” aided in their pursuit of maintaining their market objective. Lowe’s celebrates the diversity in its workforce and are always looking for new ways to retain its employees. Their total rewards program is one of the industry’s best, but the cannot afford to rest on the laurels. Lowe’s must continue to seek out innovative ideas or additional benefits that can passed on to their employees and run parallel to the business strategy of the 21st century. Recommendation and Justification of Changes to the Total Rewards…show more content…
A majority of the employees want to see an increase in their pay. While there may be nominal increase via longevity raises, some employees would like to see raises based on additional skill sets the individual may have. The development of a Lateral Training pay adjustment would serve three-folds. First, it would allow Lowe’s to have a core group of individuals with multiple sets of skills which could encompass multiple departments. Secondly, this could provide top cover for a department which may have an unexpected issue with employee shortage or a backlog of work. Lastly, the employee would have a sense of satisfaction of attaining the new skill with the added benefit of a pay boost. This would add minimal costs to the bottom line, but it would create a “safety net” for life circumstances. Communicating Changes to the Total Rewards Program In preparation for employees to accept a total rewards program in an organization, it communication between all levels must be clear and concise. First, the organization need to utilize various communication venues, such as emails, newsletters, social media outlets. Personalizing the message is a key indicator of the

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