Argumentative Essay On Immigration Reform

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Immigration has been one of the most controversial political topics for the past few years. With so many different opinions and different point of views, it is hard to come to an agreement. About thirty-five to forty percent of new arrivals are undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Central America with low education and limited English skills (Passel, 2005). Although another quarter of immigrants from countries like India and China are highly skilled. Critics of current immigration policy often emphasize the presumed negative effects of lower-skilled people in the overall economy (Rector, Kim and Watkins, 2007) Moreover, even the most highly skilled immigrants are predominately non-white, contributing to the growing presence of visible minorities…show more content…
Immigration reform would also help the economy in a positive way. Individuals would have to pay a certain fee for the application process, and by holding legal jobs they would also be contributing to state taxes. Effective immigration reform can be a powerful tool to revitalize our economy. By increasing the overall population and particularly the number of working-age labor force participants, reform can help enlarge our economy, contribute to higher overall average wages, generate more consumer spending, and spur new demand for residential housing construction. By supporting stronger economic growth, immigration reform can also reduce the federal budget deficit substantially. New arrivals and American citizens alike have much to gain from a twenty-first-century immigration policy. This is beneficial not only to the immigrants and their families, but also to the businesses that hire them, to local businesses where they spends their money, to consumers who purchase their goods and services, and to taxpayers who will face lower costs over time. The economic output from immigrants contributes to the overall economy and is just one of the potential gains that could be reaped from a coherent immigration system designed to serve the needs of American families, workers, and

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