My Interest In Civil Engineering

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I am applying for this course, not only because I am interested in it but more than that, is because I have always dream of being involved in civil engineering. Being able to improve the quality of a city or developing states by building lots of infrastructures, leaving the mark of your existence by contributing to society's development is what made me going until this day. Since my country is a developing country, I can see a lot of construction work going on and seeing the process made me excited and perceiving the result is a far better feeling. I have always been interested in modern architecture and their progress since the beginning of civilisation. Seeing how architecture developed from just being a way to provide shelter to being a…show more content…
Since I was little, I have made lots of things, mainly because I was bored and wanted to make something to play with but nonetheless, it is something. One of my creation was a mechanical arm made by some strings, cardboard and straw. I have my own view when it comes to innovation where everyone can build it but not everyone could have thought about it. With my innovative mind, I am confident that I could put it to good use in this course. Currently I am studying subjects that covers the basic of physical science. Truthfully, I have always been interested in physical science since I was in primary school as I was exposed to the logic behind every occurrence such as hearing the sound of sea from a conch shell which was really magical at that time. I have been living far from my parents since I was 13 and I am already used to living by myself, so it's safe to say that I could handle my life at university fairly. Naturally, I could manage my time well and multi-task between assignment and managing myself. University life is expected to be hard but I am confident that I could organize my studies…show more content…
Managing the life of others was not easy but nevertheless, I got my share of experience on how to work with a lot of different personalities and managing the life of others. Living in a hostel comes with some shortcomings but I am proud to say that I have built lots of inventions to ease my life. The one I am proud of most is my mini drawer/cooler pad that acts as a cooler fan for my laptop and a place to store my hard disk and other device. The best part about it is seeing the response of my friends to it, some of them was awed by it but some of them claimed that they could have made it too and what I did was nothing. Sure, it may not be something to be proud of because I made it just by using boxes, but have they ever thought of making it was what I

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