Mary Tilford's Lies In To Kill A Mockingbird

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When it comes to Mrs. Martha Dobie and Mrs. Karen Wright, it doesn’t matter whether or not matter whether or not they are together, they run our school with diligence and integrity, and they don’t deserve this kind of ruling, especially when this whole scenario was most likely crafted by none other than the manipulative, lying, and absolutely spoiled little brat known as Mary Tilford. Her meddling with the actual accusation of them should been thrown out as soon as it escaped her lips, as it comes from the word of a girl who would love nothing better than to get her way, and took advantage of Mrs. Amelia Tilford’s lack of common sense. Her blatant disregard for the fact that she has bias toward her own flesh, blood, and family, Mary Tilford,…show more content…
Wright clearly saw through her lies, “It wasn’t necessary to go so far. There was a bunch exactly like this in the garbage can this morning.” (11) She had even known that they had been thrown out herself, “Her latest trick was kidding your aunt out of a sewing lesson with those faded flowers we threw out.” (13) And even then, Mary continued to lie to her face. As soon as Mary was told by her that she couldn’t go to the boat races, Mary saw this as a threat to her very relaxed, fun, as well as problematic existence at our school, and as such, faking her “heart attack” was just the beginning of Mary’s revenge. She knew that she had leverage with her grandmother, Mrs. Amelia Tilford, and as soon as she realized this, her seeds had been planted. And look at what evil, schemed flowers sprouted. A dying marriage, a dying distinction, and at this rate, a dying couple composed of Martha Dobie and Karen…show more content…
Mary’s initial foundation for her plot lied with her and Peggy Rogers, the two eavesdropping students that happened to catch snippets of conversation between Mrs. Dobie and Mrs. Mortar. Knowing that Mary had dirt on herself when it came to breaking Dr. Joe Cardin’s “lover’s gift” (a vase), and she could easily spread her punishment to Evelyn. However, it wasn’t about the fact that Mary had broken the ornament, or vase, at all, it was about the fact that Mary could easily pin the blame, even if it wasn’t there, on someone

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