'I Saw America In A Mall The Other Night'

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"If the world was a village of 100 people" is an example of the demographic imperative for intercultural competence. In this example, the population of the earth is broken down into a village of just one-hundred people, compromising of different ethnic groups and their religion. This example is the author's way of trying to get the reader to have a better idea of the population on earth's culture and their religious beliefs. Known as the global village, the majority of the population would be Asian with sixty-one people and Christian with thirty-three people. This particular culture connection resonated with me because it shows that North Americans and Europeans as a minority. This insight is useful when communicating interpersonally because it shows a breakdown of the world's cultures on a small scale. "I saw America in a mall the other night," is an example of the interpersonal imperative for intercultural competence. I believe this example was chosen by the author because it shows the cultural diversity in a small American setting. The man sees people from different cultures speaking different languages throughout the mall. This gave him a feeling of…show more content…
In this culture connection, people are discussing the way other culture's view people outside their culture. Mrs. Campbell in this connection is displaying some ethnocentric ways of thinking. Margaret seems to be the one who realizes that her mother thinks she is better than Chinese people, shown in the final comment about "white, Anglo-Saxons,". But, her mother is having difficulty understanding how they could be the ones seen as strange looking. This connection has made me realize the author's emphasis on the negative effects assumptions have on creating and developing relationships with other

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