Personal Narrative-Dance Moms

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Buzz my phone vibrated on the coach, it was a texted i looked over at it, it was from my mom she asked if I could meet her for lunch at one o'clock I look over at the clock to see the time is showed eleven thirty one I replied back yes and went upstairs to get ready I was pretty tired so I turned on the tv there was nothing good on besides dance moms so I turned it on and started to brush my hair when the TV started beeping over and over so I turned the volume down and saw what was happening. It was an amber alert a little boy had been kidnapped, the kidnapper had taken the little boy to the amazon river last night and that he was last seen on a canoe by the a local resident. I looked to see what time it was and it was already twelve fifteen so I turned off the tv and got dressed and brushed my teeth. I call my mom and that I'll meet her at Starbucks and about twenty minutes she said okay. I wasted time by watching tv and checking Instagram. About ten minutes later I

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