Voyage From Yemen To America Essay

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Voyage From Yemen to America Life In Country of Origin: Both my parents were born and raised in Ethiopia but moved to Sanaa, Yemen for different reasons. Gizaw Zegeye Woldetsadik: My dad was born in Debre Berhan, Ethiopia on August 28, 1957. He joined the Ethiopian Navy at age 17 years old to serve. Some time later after my dad joined there was a Civil War that broke out in Ethiopia. After the Civil War ended there was change in Ethiopian government and the government didn’t want the former Ethiopian Armed Forces. So the navy got sent to Sanaa, Yemen. My dad ended up leaving the navy and got a job in Yemen. Atsede Woldetsadik Kostre & Haile Woldemeskel Tefera - These were his parents they were both born in Ethiopia. At six or seven years old my father had to leave his parents to live with his uncle Zegeye Woldetsadik Kostre. While my father in fourth grade and was living with his uncle, my grandfather died. My grandmother died years later, while my father was in the Navy. Ergoye Abdu Ali - My…show more content…
At this time my father was the only one who could somewhat understand and speak English. During the first two weeks they took us to the mall and other amusement parks. A couple weeks afterwards my siblings and I went to Lowry Clinic and got more shots, a physical examination, and our blood taken. A month or so afterwards we went to an Immigration Office to get our green-cards in order. In November one of the representatives taught us how to have a Thanksgiving dinner. My parents were soon after put into an English Program at Emily Griffith Technical College. My father passed the program after two months and was offered a job from Ecumenical Refugee Services Inc. that worked with one of the sponsoring agencies. During this our sponsors signed my siblings Day-Care and me for Whiteman Elementary

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