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Young women, growing up look to their mother or a mother figure to provide comfort and guidance that they will need to make it in the world today. Most women depend on their mother’s teachings to help shape and mold them into strong, independent women and prepare them for the unexpected turns that life may bring. Every day, people get to be a witness of seeing the dynamic and depth of the relationship between a mother and daughter. In the story Girl by Jamaica Kincaid readers are only able see bits and pieces of a verbally abusive mother and a young girl readers barely know but still feel sorry for. This story lacks depth because readers are unable to see any change or shift in the dynamic of their relationship. This leaves a big gap for anything to occur at any moment because there are no facts or…show more content…
Since this story is mainly about abusive behavior, some readers may feel that they would be able to relate and connect to this story more if they were able to see the whole picture rather than half. Others may feel that it would help make the story more refined and complete. Her mother’s expectations of her are extremely high, and she has little to no faith in her daughter’s capabilities of becoming a well-rounded woman. In one part of the mother’s lecture she believes rumors that have been told about her daughter in Sunday school. Instead of asking her daughter if it was true, she assumed her daughter was promiscuous by referring her as a “Slut you are so bent on becoming” (326). She continues on by giving her a recipe to “throw away” a child before it’s born even though the girl clearly says “I don’t sing benna on Sundays at all and never in Sunday school”

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