Humaquanians Short Story

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humaquanians By: Amy Cai and Lily beauchamp Oceana, a goddess who was ruler of the deep blue sea, traveled to a humaquanian city named, Aurelia. Oceana was searching for the right person to do an important favor for her. She went around the city until she found a girl named, Coral. Coral was a smart, selfish person, but did not think she was. So Oceana asked Coral for a favor. Of course Coral said yes. Only because she wanted to become rich and famous. Oceana asked Coral to go to a humaquanian city named, Atlantia and find a caring, humble boy to take care of her. Coral snatched her dolphin and rode for hours until she reached Atlantia. She dove off the dolphin's smooth back and swam into the big, bright city. As soon as Coral arrived…show more content…
She did not know the littlest bit about him but guessed he was perfect for Oceana. Coral then said to Zach,”You are coming with me to meet Oceana. Oceana has sent me to find a person that is caring and humble.”Zach then replied, “Yeah! No one would ever fit that description except for me!” Early next morning, Zander, Coral, and Zach all rode multi-colored seahorses back to Aurelia, where Oceana was waiting for her. When they arrived, Coral told Zander to hide somewhere until Oceana left. Zander agreed without knowing why he had to hide, but he did so anyways. When Oceana saw Coral with a boy, she was happy that she completed the task so fast. Oceana said to Coral, ”I am impressed, Coral. You completed the task very quickly. Let us see who this boy is.” ”Oceana, this is Zach. He fits all the personalities that you wanted to me to find.” Coral said sarcastically ”Of course I fit the description!” Zach agreed. “Let’s go, Oceana.” Oceana approved and swam off into the horizon with Zach by her side. Coral quickly swam into the city to find Zander. When she finally found him in Starfish coffee, she took him by the hand and led him to an amusement park. They then spent the rest of the day there. Meanwhile, Oceana and Zach started to argue all because Zach was rude to Oceana’s little sister, Sandy. Then Oceana had enough of Zach and banned him from her castle. Oceana then angrily swam back to Aurelia
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