Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction

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Pulp Fiction, one of director Quentin Tarantino’s several incredible, though very violent, masterpieces was released in 1994. With a stunning non-linear storyline that keeps audiences on the edge of the seats for the majority of the film, and the appearance of several big name actors of the time, how could it not be a hit? While those things are part of the reason this film was and is incredibly popular, one has to look deeper in order to truly understand what made it a great film. The way the scenes were shot, the design of the sets, and even the way the actors were dressed for their parts; these are crucial things that give the film its thrilling and suspenseful aura. Without a very well thought out setup, having John Travolta in the shot…show more content…
The high contrast light on their faces as they discuss the plans of their robbery illustrates the seriousness of the subject that they are deliberating. Then right before they initiate the robbery, there is a close-up of the pair as they share a passionate kiss. This give the audience a glimpse into the sensuality of their relationship. Right after this, the scene cuts to the credits and even this part foreshadows the excitement to come in the rest of the movie. The bright, vibrant colors used for the credits, along with the upbeat and electrifying instrumental “Miserlou” by Dick Dale and the Deltones create an atmosphere that lets the viewer know that they are in for something…show more content…
For one, when Jules and Vince arrive at the apartment at the beginning and open their trunk, the camera is at a low angle inside the trunk pointed up at the pair. This lets the audience wonder for second, “What in the world is in there and what are these guys about to do?” This gives the scene a moment of suspense and keeps the viewer interested. Then once the two hitmen go inside the apartment, the camera shows how Jules is looming over the ill-fated Bret and his friend on the couch. It illustrates that Jules is the one in control of the situation and how fearful the two who tried to rip off Marsellus are. Later in the movie when Vince takes Mia out to “Jack Rabbit Slim’s” there is a tracking shot very similar to the one from Goodfellas that gives an amazing view of the stunning environment inside of the restaurant. When Mia and Vince are dancing in the twist contest, there is a closeup shot of the two which is emphasizing the growing emotional connection between the

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