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Since it was my idea to attend, the group had designated me the leader as we all moved forward in this journey together. One of the first things I did with them all was set some attainable, realistic goals both short term and long. We also discussed timetables to reaching those goals, along with ways to measure our success. Grenny, Patterson, Maxfield, McMillan, and Switzler (2013) the book Influencer tells us that attempts at implementing change initiatives often fail for 3 reasons, One – fuzzy, un-compelling goals; two – infrequent or no measures; and three – bad measure. I think by us hitting 2 out of 3 without prior knowledge of this book was not bad at all. The goals we set were to have one thousand dollars saved within 3 months for our emergency fund as the short term, and long term was to be completely debt free within 15 years. In order to measure our progress we would meet monthly to discuss our progression, this was easy to measure since one of the men designed a…show more content…
Getting on such a strict budget could be quite daunting to individuals and families, because there isn’t money to spend on all the wants anymore. The authors define structural motivation by asking the question Grenny et al. (2013) “do rewards and sanctions encourage them?” Two ways I encouraged my friends, was to reward both themselves and their families through getting a weekly allowance and putting money aside every month for a vacation that would be paid for in cash. They all expressed how utilizing these rewards provided themselves and their families with the motivation to keep on budget and striving towards their short and long term goals. The fact that these men have the support of their families, and all are willing to sacrifice in order to pursue the dream of living a debt free life, is a testimony to what structural ability looks

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