Summary Of Revolt Street: A Narrative Fiction

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It was a cold, dark mysterious night. Moon was struggling to escape from the ruthless grip of the strange dark clouds. Dogs were howling somewhere, wind kissed the banyan tree leaves . Rachel was repeatedly switching between the news and sports channel. Suddenly her eye caught something interesting. BREAKING NEWS: A psychotic killer from newland jail, has escaped and on a rampage. It killed two women who were alone in there house. One of them was from the revolt street. Rachel was terrified. Revolt street is where her house was. And was sacred out of her wits when she realized she was all alone in the house. Owls were hooting from nearby trees. A light bulb was flickering somewhere down the street. Suddenly Rachel heard a cold knock at…show more content…
I am Webster, Sarah’s pal.” He said in a harsh and husky voice. “my car broke down. Can I stay in your house for a while ,till the mechanic arrives”. Rachel was already terrified seeing those eyes and objected bluntly. But the stubborn was repeatedly pestering her to let in. Finally he asked Sarah to speak with him. Rachel shook her head and said” Sarah is very ill. She is sleeping up stair. I can’t wake her up. please leave”. But the man was so stubborn that Rachel thought up a plan. She told the man to wait for a while and ran upstairs. She took a deep breath, then she adjusted her voice and mimicked like she was very ill. “Webster. I am not feeling well. I need rest. We will meet tomorrow” said loudly so that Webster could hear it. After sometime she trotted downstairs. She opened the door cautiously. She found those cold blood red eyes staring at her. “Webster I am sorry. “said Rachel in a feeble voice avoiding those eerie eyes and closed the door at once. Rachel tried to calm herself. She tried to watch something interesting on TV. She was startled when she heard the knock again. Thinking it was Webster she didn’t respond. She kept quiet but the knock at the door was becoming louder and persistent. Finally Rachel gathered some courage to find who was at the

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