Mcdonald's Business: The Case Study Of Mcdonalds

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Introduction The business that our group choose is McDonald’s. The nature of McDonald’s business is fast food services for the customer. McDonald’s has been around since 1948 in California. It started as drive-thru service for the customer to save their time. The example of fast food that McDonald’s serve are burger, French-fries, chicken nuggets, etc and the drinks are coffee, soft-drinks, etc. Until the year of 1962, the McDonald’s in Denver, has its first restaurant with indoor seating. As the times goes by, the McDonald’s business started to grow bigger and bigger. In 1967, the McDonald’s goes international and it’s starting to have franchise all around the world. Today McDonald’s operate restaurant in 119 different countries. There are many variety of burgers for customers to choose, such as beef, chicken, fish, etc. There are also some choices for children such as Happy Meal, the Happy Meal consists of…show more content…
It also the tool or a bridge for promotion which had various ways of advertisement through billboards and media such as radio, television and etc. Consumers mostly get attracted by good and fancy or we can say that perceive goods which are advertised goods, as they assume it is more rightful Personal Selling Personal selling is most operative weapon for building buyers preference, convenience and movements. Personal collaboration allows knowing for criticism and modification if needed. If the organization had a good relationship with buyers they are more attentive towards personal selling. Sales Promotion Consists of promoting the business unit through organizing various contest, programmes, functions, distribution of free discounts coupons etc that entices consideration of the customers, also offers strong purchase enticements, performs offers, boosts sagging sales Stimulates quick reaction; brief; not effective at building long-term brand preferences. Public

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