All Star Superman's Obstacles

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Obstacles When Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Jamie Grant, Phil Balsman, and Travis Lanham came together to produce All-Star Superman, they gained a wonderful opportunity. These men had the chance to describe, through the character of Superman, some of life’s toughest hardships, and they are hardships that one day most people might have to overcome. The story of All Star Superman follows Superman, an alien from Krypton, who becomes a guardian of Earth. His cells are overflowing with solar energy, and he finds himself stepping closer and closer toward his demise. During his struggle, he faces many hardships, twelve to be exact. As Superman completes each of the twelve challenges, it brings him one step closer to his eminent doom. This situation…show more content…
This super challenge parallels human challenges in which there is a feud among peers. The feud may be at the workplace, at school, or even at the park. Peers can sometimes be very different from one another, quarreling over politics, religion, or a general lifestyle. In Superman’s story, his peers, the Bizarros, speak in opposite, and are very hard to communicate with. Superman is trying to build a ship so he can escape the Underverse and go back home. While trying to express the importance and functionality of a wheel, the Bizarros do not understand him. They reply with words such as, “Superman am genius!”, “him talk”, “big sense” (Morrison 184). Meaning that they actually don’t understand him at all. It is only when Superman changes his mindset that things start to make sense to the Bizarros. Superman tells them, “No listen to me!” “Me am no want you am listen” (Morrison 185). Superman adapts to the situation, and uses the Bizarro dialect to help them understand what he wants them to do. In the case of a human’s struggle with his or her peers, one needs only to act like superman, and change their perspective. In this way, the common person can be cunning like superman and escape from their own metaphorical

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