How Rock And Roll Changed American Culture

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Rock and Roll Peyton Utley 2/27/15 Rock and Roll has been rocking American ever since the 1950s. Being one of Americas most popular cultural ideas in the world and has effected and changed America’s cultural all throughout its history. This fast growing idea was a new and unaccepted concept by many of the older community, but was popular in the younger groups. The idea of rock and roll was a contagious diffusion spread originally by mouth and eventually heard through radio. Many have made rock but only a few created the foundation for it we see today. With this ever growing idea it also has an every growing history that gets bigger every day. The earliest rockers or creators of rock in the 1950s were, The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis, all of who were mostly from the south east of America. These people or bands were the founders of this genre and the earliest songs such as Elvis Presley: Heartbreak Hotel, Little Richard:…show more content…
Even some radio stations didn’t want to play it saying that its lyrics promoted sex and delinquency. Rock has always been known for its sexual references. However as time went on it was it was a more excepted though there is still a large population of people who still think it is a bad role model. The main people that didn’t accepted the idea was Hollywood and Broadway, with them seeing they could get more fans from the youth. They saw it as a serious threat to them through economics and aesthetic. Some even went as far as to talk how horrible rock and roll is on public radio and spreading lies about them making the public dislike the idea of rock and roll even more. But when rock and roll just got more popular these lies were pushed off as fake and it grew into one of the most popular genres

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