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Lex Windle Real History of Rock and Roll PMUS 3825 March 31, 2015 Bob Marley and Reggae Bob Marley is known as the ‘godfather’ of reggae, which Robert Hilburn defines reggae as ‘A highly infectious and distinctive blend of rhythm and blues, calypso, and early rock influences.’ Not only this, but Marley is known as one of the first superstars of not only Jamaica, but of any third world country on earth. His career spans many decades with remarkable album releases and tours across the world. He has inspired and uplifted people of all different races, classes, cultures, and ideals with his melodies and messages. Today Bob Marley remains a powerful force in the music world, and his art is regarded highly by music lovers across all genres…show more content…
In more modern times, there have been several instances of legal litigation in which the brand, music, and style that Bob Marley had been on of the creators of had been challenged. Some examples of this are clothing companies selling Marley’s ‘likeness’ without prior consent. Similarly, in 2012 the Marley family came together to sue Richard Booker who had been using Marley’s image to sell a line of fish products known as ‘Mama Marley’. With such a powerful image, and even more powerful music, it is no wonder that these issues have been present in past times and will most likely continue to prove to be an issue for the Marley estate in the future. However, today he is remembered by millions of people worldwide and his music continues to be celebrated. His brilliant and inspiring music has been sampled in music from famous artists around the world such as Queen Latifa, Stevie Wonder, Common, The Pharcyde, the Notorious B.I.G, Fugees, Vanilla Ice, Bob Dylan, Sublime, De La Soul, 50 Cent, Jason Mraz, Method Man, Jay Z, and many others. His sons and daughters, also sampling his work, continue today to record and tour. The Marley legacy lives

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