How Is Power Presented In The Truman Show

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In the film ‘The Truman Show’ directed by Peter Weir a series of techniques were used to show Truman’s realisation of his captivity as he chooses to leave the confinement of Seahaven and the eyes of the viewers and as he chooses to enter the real world. Dialogue, music and the attitude of the characters all relate to the key idea of power and how this is portrayed through the use of these techniques. The key idea that links these techniques together is power. Throughout the ending scene where Truman ultimately realises his life has been a lie and decides whether to leave Seahaven or not, we see the weather and sea conditions manipulated at the hands of Christof and his film crew. As the scene progressed we also witnessed the loss of power, as Truman decided it was time for him to leave, the power changed from Christof to Truman. At the end of the movie Truman held the power. The power of the media is also portrayed; using medium shots to show expressions and reactions…show more content…
When Truman is upset we see a close-up shot of Christof stroking the screen, this shows us the power Truman has over Christof because of Christof’s investment in Truman’s life. This symbolises that Truman is all that Christof has, his whole life creation, everything he has worked for his whole life. It shows Christof vulnerable to Truman’s power because of the choice he can make to leave and ruin Christof’s success. We are also shown Truman’s power, as he rolls up his sleeves on the boat, showing his determination and perseverance to be free and independent. We are shown reactions shots of Christof’s face to show his worried expression, and that he is scared from losing Truman from his life. Christof loses power when Truman says he’s leaving Seahaven and chooses to walk through the door. Christof takes his glasses off, a symbol of him admitting defeat, and the end of Truman’s captivity, and essentially losing his

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