Senator Joseph Mccarthy: The Rise Of Communism

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Joseph McCarthy was an American politician who was also a senator in the state of Wisconsin. Everyone because of his actions knew McCarthy during the Cold war. Senator Joseph McCarthy was born in 1908 in Grand Chute Township Wisconsin. He attended Marquette University and earned a degree from law school. McCarthy served in the U.S. Marine corps and served in World War II. He ran for senate in 1945 in which he beat Robert Follett in the running. Even though Senator Joseph McCarthy was a patriot and an anticommunist he used these sources to manipulate people, frame innocents as communists and used these sources to get to the committee of governors to get to the top and make life harsh to “help” America. Most of McCarthy’s victims were men and…show more content…
McCarthy had some help from roosevelt, Roosevelt had tried to negotiate a amicable postwar settlement with Stalin, but after Roosevelt’s death in April, American policymakers became concerned about the soviet union’s attempt to take over the areas of Eastern Europe that its army is controlled. Communist spies were a genuine threat but, it was not enough to make an impact on the government policy. In the 1940’s and the 1950’s many of the agencies became involved with the anti communist crusade. During the McCarthyism period criminal prosecutions were one of the many tactics used against each communist. Joseph McCarthy attracted attention precisely because of his outrageousness. He knew how to manipulate the press, taking advantage of its hunger for copy by releasing sensational accusations just in time for the evening deadlines. McCarthy had used his powers to accuse the people who have been identified as “Communists”. In the wheeling speech Senator Joseph McCarthy had mentioned that he in his hand had a list he claimed to hold that appeared to have been extrapolated from 1946 and 1947 state department reports on its internal loyalty security…show more content…
But the main problem for McCarthy was that each person that would come in to answer questions they would get away and be declared as not being a communist this was a bad thing for McCarthy because he kept had to move on to the next person on the list. In January 1953, McCarthy became chairman of the government and this was a good thing because he really didn’t have the power to do anything. After Joseph McCarthy found out that he is in a very bad situation he decided to make a committee who would investigate suspected communists in the U.S. In the Committee he had three republican and three democratic senators which was bad because you will for sure have a debate between every case. In this committee they were very committed too finding the communist. They started with media and portrayed of a bullying loud mouth showing how of a person he was. Later on Joseph McCarthy had gotten a tip from the U.S. army that there were some communists at fort Monmouth. Basically McCarthy’s mission was to uncover a major spy ring. After the fall of McCarthy the HUAC still searched for communists. In one of the

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