The Political Cartoon 'Broken Plant' By Khalil Bendib

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In the political cartoon “Broken Plant,” Khalil Bendib illustrates how the earth looks with all the wrong-doings humans have done. This cartoon first appeared on the website “Other Words,” which has many more political cartoons, on June 18, 2012. This cartoon exaggerates how the earth looks, because in real life it does not look as bad has is does in this cartoon. He seeks for everyone’s attention; he wants to make the audience feel disappointed at what our actions have done to earth. He claims this by adding a dialogue of a family where they prefer an other planet other than earth. By doing so he creates the audience to realize that earth is becoming a terrible place that we prefer other planets than the one we destroyed. It’s…show more content…
Time is running short, “according to the International Water Management Institute, in 2025, regions of the world will start to suffer from either economical or physical water scarcity.” Big amounts of food are also being wasted. According to the editor in, “What a Waste: around the world, we toss more than 2 trillion pounds of food in the garbage each year,” when you scrap half a burger, you’re not just wasting food, you’re also wasting the energy and resources used to produce, transport, store, and cook it. So you’re basically wasting all the sources that were used to make that burger. You could have gone for a smaller portion but instead you were tempted and got the larger portion. We all should be aware of how much food is enough for our appetite, in doing so we will save half eaten meals that other people would love to have. The editor states, “Malnourished people could be fed by less than a quarter of the food thrown away in Europe and the United States.” There are people who wish to afford half of

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