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"Our customers are leading the digital evolution," Wasson said. "But what hasn't changed is that we have to give them the three W's — what they want, when they want it and where they want it." Greg Wasson – Walgreens’ CEO In a keynote presentation Walgreens’ President and CEO Greg Wasson detailed how the company is embracing digital throughout its organization, from its ecommerce site to 10 mobile apps to its retail stores. With the brand mantra of happy and healthy made easy in mind, Walgreens has identified three focus areas for its ongoing digital transformation: 1) create a wellness experience 2) transitioning the traditional community pharmacy and 3) creating an unprecedented global platform. The final one is quite a sea change for Walgreens, Wasson said. Walgreens’ strategy for decades was to find the best corners for its brick-and-mortar stores. While that's still part of the company's plans today, fostering digital innovation has joined it as an overarching goal. Focus on Customer Wellness…show more content…
The retailer's mobile apps are testament to that. Walgreens’ Refill Reminder app alerts its users via email or text message when their prescriptions are getting low, and gives customers the opportunity to refill them directly through the app. Its Pill Reminder app alerts users when they need to be taking their medication, along with which medication they should be taking. Walgreens has simplified the process of refilling prescriptions by enabling customers to complete the task by simply scanning the barcode on their prescription bottle with their

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