How Is Napoleon Presented In Animal Farm

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Napoleon is one of the most interesting characters in the book. He uses manipulation, slander, and propaganda to get what he wants. I don’t like him personally but he definitely has some strong characteristics like the ability to lead, ability to think, and his inability to feel compassion and empathy. I don’t like him for the reasons that he drove away Snowball, who was just trying to make the farm easier and more livable and he works the animals incredibly hard and lowers the amount of food that they eat and as a result, he disrespects the laws of the farm that he held and created with so much passion. After the farm is taken by the animals, Napoleon and Snowball run the majority of the operations on the farm but Snowball then proposed the idea of the windmill, and gained the support of the majority of the animals “as there was no doubt as to which way the vote would go” (35). After Napoleon realized this, he set his dogs loose on Snowball to exile him from the farm. Napoleon did this because he realized he has lost control over the animals that he and the other pigs had retained for so long, and he needed a way to assert his dominance and get the other animals to remember that he was their leader and that anyone that tried to take that power from him would be punished accordingly. This can be compared to Joseph Stalin, (the person whom Napoleon was based off of) who exiled Leon Trotsky…show more content…
Napoleon appears to have no significant relationships with other beings other than his dogs, who protect him, The neighbouring farmers Frederick and Pilkington, and his fellow pig

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