Oodgeroo Nuunuccal Essay

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English Script Draft Good morning Mrs Becker and my fellow Nudgee brothers today I stand before to talk to you about the remarkable woman that is Oodgeroo Nuunuccal. Her father, who from the Nuunuccal people, was employed by the Queensland Government as part of a very poorly-paid workforce; Her fathers campaigning of better conditions for aboriginal workers left behind a strong impact on her which re-embraced her cultural heritage. At the very young age of 13, she left to take work as a domestic servant in Brisbane. Working for several different families in the 1930s, although she was paid poorly she still remained in domestic service due to the strong prejudices against and lack of opportunities open to Aboriginal women. Advocate for aboriginal…show more content…
This poem gives us insight into what it was like living as an Indigenous Australian in that time period, as well as showing us what they strived for.I found this stanza particularly powerful as it touches on the pain and sorrow of the past generations, as well as hoping for a happier and brighter future for the new generations. This, to me, shows that Oodgeroo has faith in humanity, and trusts that the future is bright for her race. Shock at how emotional the aboriginal history is and how oppressed aboriginals were. Hope that we have fixed this in society and Aboriginals now have equal

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