How Is Life Different From Native American Life

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Life as we know it and life as the Native Americans knew are completely different lifestyles. The life we live now has become very different than the life the Native Americans used to live. The lives of many cultures have changed very much in the past years. Back when Native Americans lived in America, life was much simpler. Everyone in a tribe knew one another and were related to each other in a certain way, whether they were cousins or parents they were all family. They also believe nature is not meant to be owned, it is meant to be lived off of. They knew how to properly share everything nature had to offer. They were always welcoming to one another. They were also really good at making a home. They knew all the right tools to use from…show more content…
To begin, the life of Native Americans was very different from the life we live. There are many things we can take from their lifestyle to change ours and make it better. For example, they display a very hospitable environment. The Native Americans lived a very peaceful life. We can really take a lesson on how to be peaceful. They all got along and worked great together. They had a certain connection that no one could hide. The relationship they all shared with each other was a very strong bond that no one could break. Nowadays, everyone has become very self-absorbed and selfish. As a whole the society America has created is very rude and self-centered. This was not the case years ago for the life of the Native Americans. The Native Americans show hospitality because they welcome anyone into their homes without having the fear of being harmed. They also treat their guests as if they are a family member. If anyone comes into their house, “and there fall asleep, when they see him disposed to lie down, they will spread a mat for him of their own accord, and lay a roll of skins…and let him lie. If he sleep until their meat be dished up, they
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