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There has been tension between Native American Indians and white settlers ever since their very early encounters with one another. The cruel situations that white settlers put Natives through escalated from confiscating Native land and forcing them to move else where to the whites participating in random killing sprees of Natives. But that is not all. By far, the most heart-wrenching event was when the whites forced Native American Indians into Boarding Schools in the late 1800’s. Native children were taken from their families at the earliest of four years old, and were taken to Boarding Schools where they would live for the remainder of their education, usually thirteen years. Boarding schools were created to assimilate, or Americanize Native…show more content…
Whites wanted to Americanize the Indians and that is exactly what the Boarding Schools did. The whites were smart in the sense of taking the children from their homes at such a young age. Young children are easier to brainwash and strip of their culture than teens and adults who are more accustom to their ways of life. The Boarding Schools stripped Natives of their culture, language, rituals and spiritual beliefs. When the children completed all their schooling, most returned to their families at the reservations. Indians who then returned to reservations had a hard time communicating and fitting in with their own people because they were brainwashed to think, act and be American. Looking at the Indian point of view, the Indian Boarding School system was a complete failure because the system did nothing but slowly eliminate Indian culture. The two quotes from Henry Ward Beecher and Sitting Bull put the reasoning of why Boarding Schools should have never occurred in black and white. Both of these quotes explain how Native American Indians are human beings just as the white people are human beings. Just because the Natives have different beliefs and different ways of life than the white man does not mean they are not human. All humans should be treated equally. There is no reason why the Native American Indians should have been forced to be people who they are

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