Native American Women Research Paper

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Samantha Kramer Barbara Taylor English 241 3 October 2014 Native Women in North America Native American culture is unique in many ways. What outside people do not understand is the struggle Native American women go through on a day to day basis. Each generation of Native American women struggle to keep their traditions going (Tommasco 13). Native American women played a major role in the family life, government and economy. Women were more than just mothers to their tribes’ children. They were warriors, farmers, craftswomen, and builders. Their strength they provided to the tribe was essential for surviving (Tommasco 11). The roles of women and men varied between each tribe on the tasks and duties each individual completed on a day…show more content…
Women made weapons and tools out of animal bone for the men to hunt with (Wishart 15). There were not just medicine men in the tribes but there were also medicine women in the tribes. Many Native American tribes believed that women had healing power, the power to heal ill souls with their chants and there connection with the spirit world. Medicine women gathered herbs, so they can create medicines for the people that were feeling sick. Most Native American women were very good craftsmen, they made pottery, blankets, baskets, and jewelry. There was enough respect in the tribes for both men and women (Tommasco 11). They each played a key role in their tribes. Native American women cared for their children and husband like modern women do today. Without women help in the tribes it would be very difficult for them to survive (Tommasco…show more content…
This was something really special to Native American women, because it meant they were able to have kids of their own (Wishart 13). When the women started menstruating, they were isolated from the rest of the tribe. The women were given their own tent/hut so they can have some time to their self’s. Sometimes more than one woman would be assigned to the same tent is they were menstruating at the same time. They would also sometimes use herbal tea to help with menstruating, mostly in times of danger, because it wasn’t recommended (Tennet 11). Instead, Native women were taught to revel their periods, because it was proof that they could give life to a child. The women would tie/pin rags to their clothes to catch the blood flow. This wasn’t really an effective way, but it was all they had at the time (Tennet

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